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Google’s Next-Gen Gemini AI Surpasses ChatGPT-4

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In a groundbreaking revelation, semiconductor research firm SemiAnalysis asserts that Google’s upcoming generative AI tool outshines the most advanced GPT-4 models by a staggering factor of five. Projections indicate that by the close of 2024, this AI marvel could potentially be up to 20 times more formidable than ChatGPT.

The emergence of Google’s latest innovation has been nothing short of a wake-up call. While OpenAI and Midjourney took an early lead in the AI race, the hitherto dormant giant, Google, has made a resounding entry into the arena, as reported by the company in a late August update.

Nonetheless, SemiAnalysis speculates that the Alphabet-owned tech titan might exercise caution in releasing its trailblazing Gemini model to the public. Concerns loom over the possibility of it impinging on their creative capacities or disrupting existing business paradigms.

The Center for AI Safety acknowledges OpenAI’s longstanding dominance over Google in the AI sphere, but the advent of ChatGPT has marked a significant turning point. The release of ChatGPT has prompted Google to drastically bolster its investments in AI.

With its colossal financial reservoirs, which dwarf those of OpenAI, Google’s rapid surge in funding to compete with leading AI labs comes as no surprise, as highlighted by the center.

The proliferation of Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI since late 2022 has raised apprehensions regarding potential threats to human existence.

In response, China has taken proactive measures to regulate its AI sector, while the British government is set to convene an “AI Safety Summit” at Bletchley Park in November, the historic site of its World War II code-breaking endeavors.

Simultaneously, the United States Senate is gearing up to host a series of gatherings under the banner of the “AI Insight Forum.” The inaugural meeting, slated for September 13, is poised to bring together luminaries from the industry, featuring the likes of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg, OpenAI’s Sam Altman, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, and Elon Musk of X, formerly known as Twitter.

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