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How to use Janitor AI for free. We will cover everything, from what Janitor AI is to how to use it for free.

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Learn how to use Janitor AI without any cost in this comprehensive manual. We will cover everything you want to understand, from what Janitor AI is to how to use it for free. Janitor AI is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for developing your very own chatbot and having a private verbal exchange with it. It can develop a realistic and specific chat experience. You can also chat with different public chatbots with precise personalities. In this article, you’ll find out how to use Janitor AI for free.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is an anime-style male or female chat robot website. Users can create their own characters or immediately chat with other people’s created characters. The biggest difference between different AI Chatbots of the same kind is that Janitor AI helps with NSFW roles, which means that it breaks the traditional security consensus, which may be very appealing to many customers. Everyone can create characters and make money via chat offerings on Janitor AI, which allows you to be of amazing help to the diversity and enjoyment of characters, but its aid for NSFW chatbots will even cause safety troubles.

Janitor AI Features

Janitor AI Features Janitor AI is an AI chatbot version with multiple one-of-a kind functions. Here are its essential characteristics:

Diverse Character Styles:

Janitor AI offers a wide range of character styles, including anime-stimulated designs, human-like avatars, and more. Additionally, customers can pick from preset characters to customise their chat experience.

Character Marketization:

Janitor AI lets individuals create their own AI chatbots and offer chat services. This helps the fast expansion of character alternatives, catering to numerous person choices and growing a wealthy and diverse character market. Adult Content: Unlike different AI chatbots, Janitor AI presents person content material characters, allowing users to interact in conversations about approximately adult issues and topics. Users have the option to select NSFW (Not Safe for Work) characters while selecting their chat companions.

Local Deployment:

Janitor AI enables users to install the version regionally, making use of their own computing sources. This function is useful for version miniaturization and customization, empowering users to have better control and customization over their chat experience.

Is Janitor AI Free?

Janitor AI is available for free, but in order to engage in conversations, you will need to obtain an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI.

  • OpenAI provides a free grant of $5.
  • Kobold AI is free.

OpenAI API keys are easy to setup, while Kobold AI requires a minimum level of programming knowledge to generate the Kobold AI API URL.

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How to Use Janitor AI for Free?

It is easy to get started using Janitor AI. To start using Janitor AI

For free, actually follow these easy steps:

Janitor AI is a paid service, but there are some hints on how to use it without spending a dime. Here are some hints on how to use Janitor AI for free:

Open the OpenAI internet site and create an OpenAI account. Check out the Chat GPT login tutorial.

Log in to the OpenAI API platform using your ChatGPT or OpenAI account. On the API key web page, create an OpenAI API key.

This account could have a $5 unfastened utilisation restriction. Copy the OpenAI API key. Open Janitor AI and visit the settings to set up the API.

Select OpenAI because it is an API company. Choose “my very own key” and paste the OpenAI API key into the enter area.

By finishing the above steps, you could use the $5 free token. If you need to retain the use of Janitor AI at no cost after exceeding the $5 restriction, you may look for loose characters or look for loose assets within the network.

Limitations of Janitor AI

While Janitor AI provides an attractive experience, it’s critical to acknowledge and cope with its obstacles. Here are some capacity boundaries for Janitor AI: Content Moderation: Due to the presence of people and potentially expressed content on Janitor AI, content moderation turns into an essential problem. Ensuring the right filtering and regulations to prevent irrelevant or offensive content can be an extensive challenge. Ethical Considerations: Including personal content raises moral concerns regarding responsible usage and the potential harm related to such content. Legal Compliance: Hosting and providing access to adult or explicit content can be subject to prison regulations and restrictions based on the jurisdiction. Janitor AI should observe relevant legal guidelines to stay away from legal troubles. User Safety and Privacy: Safeguarding user safety and privacy is paramount. Janitor AI needs to enforce sturdy security features to protect personal information and ensure a safe environment for customers. See more: Janitor AI is Safe?

Janitor AI Price

Janitor AI chat is a fee-based service, but the fee for every function is different, so the price depends on the particular position. The unified well known is token, and the price ranges from 1 token to several hundred tokens.

Is Janitor AI Down?

Janitor.Ai appears to be running. We have attempted to get access to the Janitor.AI website using our servers, and the entire issue seems to be running fine for us.

Is Janitor AI Safe?

Janitor AI is considered safe to apply, with a focus on privacy and record safety. The chatbot employs numerous security features to guard user records, including encryption, access controls, and compliance with privacy rules.


How do I use Janitor AI without paying?

Janitor AI is available for free, but in order to engage in conversations, you will need to obtain an API key from either OpenAI or Kobold AI.

Is Janitor AI Free?

Janitor AI is free to use and costs no money. You can use the AI-powered platform and interact with thousands of chatbots available for free. 

Is Janitor AI Safe?

Janitor AI is considered safe to apply, with a focus on privacy and record safety.

How do I get a janitor AI key?

Go to the OpenAI website and click on the “Sign Up” button. Fill out the registration form and click on the “Create Account” button. Once your account is created, you may acquire the API key

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