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Netflix Launches Game Controller App for Playing Games on Your TV

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Netflix recently introduced a new app that will allow customers to play games on their TVs in a short time. The Netflix Game Controller application turns your phone into a controller that you can use to play games on Netflix’s platform.

Stranger Things: 1984 and Shooting Hoops were released by Netflix in 2021 as free mobile games for customers to play through the service on their phones. Since then, the mobile game collection has grown to include more than 63 titles.

Game Controller App

According to the app’s description, you’ll be able to use app to play Netflix games on your TV. “Coming soon to Netflix,” according to the description. “With the Netflix Game Controller, you can play games on your TV.” This Game Controller app connects to your TV and allows you to play Netflix games on your phone or mobile device.”

When you open the app, it prompts you to select a game on your TV and follow the on-screen instructions to connect, which currently does nothing. The splash screen for the app also mentions that “Netflix Games on TV are in beta” and that “some devices may not be supported at this time.”

Netflix hasn’t been embarrassed to hint at the possibility of games on TV. Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s VP of external games, stated earlier this year that the company wants its games to be “playable on every Netflix device that you have.” Following Netflix VP of games Mike Verdu’s October declaration that the company is “seriously exploring” releasing one, Loombe revealed that work on a Netflix cloud gaming service is “underway—that cloud gaming service could conceivably be a way to play Netflix games on your TV.

Around the same time, the streamer said that 40 games would be released this year, with 16 being produced in-house and 70 more under production with partners. Since its entry into gaming in November 2021, Netflix has released more than 50 titles.

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The market has been more concerned about how Netflix’s intentions to tighten down on password-sharing will effect its bottom line in recent months, thus the spotlight on Netflix gaming has dwindled. The streamer attracted 5.9 million global customers in the most recent quarter, bringing the total to 238.4 million, indicating that the crackdown was effective. However, this means that there are more potential customers for Netflix’s cloud gaming service, whenever it may launch.

The new Netflix Gaming Controller app is now only available on iOS. Because it is so new, market intelligence firm data.ai does not yet have it listed under Netflix’s apps and games on its service, nor does it have rating information.

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