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WhatsApp News of the Week | Exciting Updates

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WhatsApp News: Exciting Updates – Video Message Feature and Group Participant Management

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, continues to keep its users engaged and delighted with a sequence of exciting updates. The much-anticipated Video Message functionality and better group management with the option to add people more swiftly are this week’s features.

WhatsApp’s Video Message Feature:

The Video Messaging feature is a game changer, allowing users to engage with their contacts more expressively. Short personal movies may now be recorded and shared directly in the chat. Video messages allow you to react to discussions in real time with whatever you want to say and display it in 60 seconds.

Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp made the news in an official blog post.

Image Source: WhatsApp Blog.

How to Use the Video Message Feature?

It’s as Simple as Sending a Voice Message

  1. Open a chat with the desired contact.
  2. Tap the Microphone icon to Switch to instant video mode.
  3. Hold down the button to record your instant video message. you can also swipe up to lock and record video. Videos will play automatically on mute when opened in a chat, and tapping on the video will start the sound.
  4. Tap the Microphone icon again to switch back to Voice Recording.

Image Source:WAbetaInfo

Improved Group Management: Adding Participants with Ease

WhatsApp’s latest update also includes improvements to group management, making it easier for admins to add participants to the group from a banner which appear within group chats.We can consider this feature a shortcut.

WhatsApp’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation is evident in these latest updates. By introducing the Video Message feature, WhatsApp takes messaging to a whole new level, enriching conversations with visual storytelling. Users can now convey emotions and experiences more vividly, forging deeper connections with their contacts.

The enhanced group management capabilities further empower administrators to manage their groups efficiently.

Stay Updated and Enjoy New Features:

To enjoy these exciting updates, ensure that your WhatsApp app is up to date. Regularly checking for updates in your app store & Google Play Store will ensure you never miss out on the latest enhancements and features.

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Stay connected, stay expressive, and stay updated with the latest WhatsApp features. Download the latest update and embrace the power of visual communication and efficient group management with WhatsApp’s latest offerings.


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